PHOOLNAGAR-Police seem to be helpless before the drug peddlers here as the police took no action against the drug sellers and addicts who are using the Rural Health Centre (RHC) Phoolnagar as sale point of narcotics.

Drug peddlers took control of the Rural Health Centre and attacked the medical officer and computer operator while the police released the accused after an hour of arrest, alleged the medical superintendent.

MS Asghar told newsmen that some drug peddlers and addicts occupied the hospital building and they freely sell and use drugs like heroine, Charas, liquor and injection in the hospital.

The MS said, "We tried to stop them, Shakeel Shakeela attacked computer operator Waseem and threatened me as well. Then I called the city police SHO Saqlain Bokhari who arrested the accused and after an hour the accused again came to the Rural Health Centre and abused me and my paramedics."

Later, he wrote to DSP Pattoki Nassrullah Niazi but nothing happened while the drug peddlers and addicts threatened him and his staff including ladies, he said. He asked the higher authorities to look into the matter immediately.