BAHAWALPUR-PPP Southern Punjab President Ahmad Mehmood said on Saturday that the government with its completely failed policies has wasted four years of the people as the PML-N is not a political but a business party and mafia.

The government's power policy had failed completely as shortfall of electricity was 4,000MW in his party's regime while now it has gone up to 14,000MW, he said while talking to the media. The electricity rate has also gone up by 200% however oil's price per barrel has dropped from 105 dollar to 42 dollar, said Mehmood who is also former Punjab governor.

He offered Fateha for the late sister of PPP leader Sahibzada Asim Abbasi at his residence in Bahawalpur. He said that current government was expert in mishandling the institutions; for commission, public sector is being promoted while private sector neglected. The institutions are being disgraced and weakened, law has been put into the hands of the strong and the police have been made political, he said.

He said that PML-N is not a political party but a group of mafia. He added that Nawaz League has always won the elections with the support of judiciary, bureaucracy and military, there is a rebellion against them in democratic system. When the situation goes out of their hands, 100 Nawaz Sharif will stand in PML-N, he said.

He further said that if a Balochi, Sindhi or Saraiki would had been involved in Panama case, they would have been hanged until now. He added that coal power project in Sahiwal is an anti-environment project. He said that Bilawal Bhutto is moving forward with a vision while decision of tickets for the upcoming elections will be made by the party chairman.