LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif Sunday visited 1320 megawatt coal power plant in Sahiwal and reviewed the progress on the project.

He also presided over a meeting at the site of the project and reviewed the pace of implementation. He expressed satisfaction over the fast pace of work on the project.  The chief minister also inspected the production unit and control room of the project. Chinese experts gave a briefing to the chief minister regarding the fast-track progress on the project. The chief minister expressed great satisfaction over progress of the project and congratulated the Chinese engineers and workers working on the project. Sahiwal coal power project will set new record in the entire world and this project has also broken Chinese record, he added.

“In the 70 years history of Pakistan, not a single project has been completed in such a little span of time. Once the project will start operating, it will reduce loadshedding up to 25 per cent during the summers,” he held.

After visiting different sections of the plant, the chief minister while talking to the media said Sahiwal Coal Power Plant will generate 1320 megawatts of electricity at a cost of one hundred ninety two billion rupees.

The chief minister said it is the first energy project to be completed speedily under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The first unit of Sahiwal Coal Power Plant will generate 660 megawatt of electricity on 20th of May and Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will inaugurate the first unit of this project. With the help of second plant, 660 megawatt of electricity will be produced in June and the Chinese leadership will also come to attend the inauguration of the plant in Sahiwal.

All the projects of CPEC are being completed in a transparent and speedily manner, he added. He said in order to ensure environmental protection, super-critical plant has been installed and international standards have been met in the plant regarding environmental protection.

He said under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N government is endeavoring to resolve the ongoing energy crisis in the country and that day is not so far when darkness will eventually vanish from this country. He said those who are creating hurdles in the journey of progress of people should be stopped. He said it will be a national crime to create hurdles through protests and sit-ins in energy projects being set up speedily.

He appealed to the leaders of political parties to mend their ways. He said such opportunities become available to the nations once in centuries. “If Allah Almighty has provided a golden opportunity for the development of Pakistan then no effort should be made to stop this process.” He said national resources were looted ruthlessly and corruption was committed by the former rulers. With the help of CPEC, Pakistan is fast moving towards progress and development and those who are against it are enemies of the country.

He said under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif many energy projects are being completed today. Bhikki Gas Power Plant is producing 717 megawatts of electricity.

Responding to the question, the chief minister said he would not let anyone usurp the rights of cultivators. During the current wheat procurement program, justice will be done with the small cultivators. Law will come into force against those who usurp the rights of cultivators and the corrupt officials of food department will be sent behind the bars.

He said the protest by the staff of food department is useless and wheat procurement process will be continued in a transparent way and corrupt officials will be given strict punishment.

While briefing the chief minister, the Chinese experts said that thirty thousand plants and flowers will be grown at the site of Sahiwal Coal Power Plant whereas ten thousand plants have already been grown. The Chief Minister was informed that 2.5 lac ton stock of coal is present on the site.

Separately, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif Sunday chaired a meeting in which a report regarding the illegal transplantation of kidneys was presented to the chief minister.

The chief minister expressed deep concern over the incident of illegal transplantation of kidneys. He said that illegal transplantation of kidneys was a crime and people involved in this heinous crime did not deserve any leniency.

He added that those doctors carrying out illegal kidney transplantation were a stigma on the noble professional. He added that the provincial government would go to any extent to eradicate this illegal trade. Law would come into force against those exploiting suffering humanity, he declared.

He said those involved in the illegal business of human organ transplantation didn’t deserve any concession and they should be given punishment as per the law. He directed the provincial heath department to be vigilant against the illegal organ trade and also run campaign for creating awareness among people about the illegal trade. In order to stop illegal business of kidney transplantation, every possible support and cooperation must be provided to Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority, he added.

During the meeting, the chief minister was also briefed about the formation of Supervisory Committees at the District level and effective monitoring system at the Division level to stop illegal business of kidney transplantation. Provincial Ministers Kh. Salman Rafiq, Kh. Imran Nazir, Chief Secretary Punjab, Chairman P&D, Secretaries of the concerning departments, Health Experts and other high officials also attended the meeting.




Also, Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif chaired a meeting which reviewed progress on the steps taken to improve the healthcare facilities in the province.

Addressing the meeting, the chief minister said that provision of quality and modern medical facilities and standardized medicines to people was his mission which would be fulfilled at all costs.

He vowed to eliminate business of fake and substandard medicines from the province. Punjab government, he added, introduced modern system of purchase, supply and distribution of medicines to end sale of counterfeit and substandard medicines. He said samples of medicines were being sent to world’s renowned laboratories for examination and the obtained 276 samples of medicines were being sent to laboratories of South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey. Punjab would be made a 100 percent free province from spurious and substandard medicines, he added. He said it was responsibility of the government to provide cheap and quality medicines to the people. Provision of cheap and quality medicines could be possible if we import generic drugs, he added. He directed to prepare a plan for importing generic drugs. He ordered crackdown against bogus factories involved in the preparation of counterfeit and substandard medicines and to take indiscriminate action against those involved in this heinous crime. He also gave approval for cash rewards to those who would give information about the bogus factories preparing fake medicines. 1 million is being given to the one who will disclose any such information about the bogus factory involved in preparing counterfeit and substandard medicines, he added. He said it was very unfortunate that billions of rupees had been spent on purchasing of state of the art machinery which was still packed in the hospitals and was of no use for the patients. The extravagancy of public money would not be tolerated at any costs, he added. He said the Punjab government had provided funds of billions of rupees for the improvement of public health facilities in the province and every common man would take benefit from it. He said if the machinery purchased for the provision of facilities to the masses was of no benefit for them then strict action should be taken against those responsible for it. He directed to prepare an effective plan for proper disposal of hospital waste and to fasten the process of installation of incinerators in the hospitals. He also directed the Lahore Waste Management Company to take immediate measures for waste to energy generation. Provincial Ministers Kh. Salman Rafiq, Kh. Imran Nazir, Chief Secretary, Chairman P&D, Secretaries of the concerning departments, Health Experts and other high officials also attended the meeting.




Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif in his message on World Thalassemia Day said that thalassemia was a fatal disease and the patients suffering from this disease need regular blood transfusions.

He said thalassemia was a very painful problem for the innocent children and thalassemia patients deserve special attention of society. The purpose to celebrate World Thalassemia Day was to create awareness among the masses to prevent further spread of this disease. Preventive measures were essential and there was need for effective awareness campaign to prevent from this disease, he added.

In order to defeat thalassemia, continued efforts were required to take effective steps for the provision of the best medical facilities to thalassemia patients. He said diagnosis of thalassemia and provision of modern and quality medical facilities was included in our priorities consequently we had to take immediate and effective measures to defeat this fatal disease.

He said the government would take every possible step for the protection of children against thalassemia. “Today we have to pledge that efforts to make Pakistan a Thalassemia-free country will be continued”, he said.