An Indian woman who went missing from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad said she was forced to marry her Pakistani husband on gunpoint.

Uzma appeared before a local court in Islamabad on Monday where she claimed Tahir had sexually assaulted her and took away her travel documents.

Uzma, 20, met Tahir in Malaysia after which she travelled to Pakistan on May 1 via Wagah border and contracted a court marriage on May 3 in Buner, according to a request for help lodged at Islamabad's Secretariat Police Station by Tahir.

The couple went to the Indian High Commission to apply for Tahir’s visa on May 6. After submitting visa forms and their phones, Uzma went in after being called by the officials but didn’t returned, he claimed.

After waiting for quite long, Tahir inquired about his wife but the commission refused to return her back. He then filed a First Information Report (FIR) in the secretariat police station against his wife’s confinement.

However; the drop scene of the story came when the Indian High Commission told Pakistan Foreign Office that Uzma had approached them with the request to be repatriated back to India after learning about Tahir’s first marriage.

Uzma alleged that Tahir was married and had four children. She says that the revelation came into light after she arrived in Pakistan but now wants to go back.