Millions of Pakistanis have left their sweet home to work in other countries to earn their livelihood. They remit large portions of their earnings to Pakistan and enhance foreign exchange reserves of the country. The government literally runs on this money to keep balance of payments for imports. However, the government does not provide these expatriates abroad with any facility for their service to the country.  

They are doubted and frowned upon as if they were not loyal to the country. They are even deprived of their fundamental right to vote in elections. While some politicians outright doubt their loyalties, the government puts forward the flimsy grounds that it faces a host of problems in managing voting for those abroad. In the past, past government servants posted outstation could cast their votes through postal ballot.  

One wonders, how could government manage postal ballots for one group in the past and deny the other of their fundamental right to vote. Especially, when the country is being run on the remittances sent by those living and working abroad. 


Islamabad, April 18.