The federal budget for financial year 2018-19 is being presented by the incumbent federal government on April 27 and the budgetary proposals have as such also been finalized by the official quarters.

Pretty large number of retired employees spread all over the country have been failing to understand as to why every succeeding government treats them equally with the serving government servants while increasing salaries and pensions at the presentation of every budget. The serving government employees, besides having good salaries also enjoy other perks and privileges such as government residences or house rent, medical facilities etc whereas the pensioners only have their pension to rely upon, also medical facilities if at all they are entitled to after retirement.

It is matter of bitter record that the PPP government had been increasing pension by at least 20 per cent every year whereas the PML(N) government has somehow remained stuck to just 10 per cent increase in the salaries and pensions of the in-service and retired public servants. How can a serving employee be treated at par with a retired employee when it comes to increase in salary and in pension at the presentation of the federal budget?

In short, this is to urge the federal government to ensure substantial increase in pension of the retired employees minimum in the ration of 20 to 25 per cent to enable them to cope with the ever-increasing price hike of essential articles for somewhat respectable living. Anything less than 20 to 25 per cent increase in the pension will be just like peanuts and as such not acceptable at all to the pensioners.


Lahore, April 18.