ISLAMABAD-With the start of the holy month of Ramazan, a number of restaurants and online fast food chains all across the country start offering discount deals to attract the customers, as the trend of arranging Iftar and Sehri meals for friends and family on rise.

According to Fast food Restaurants, the month of Ramazan brings attractive discount treats for citizens where foodies are always on the hunt to find reasonably priced and delicious meals to break their fast. A Pizza Hut manager said that they are offering discount iftar deals where the public can come in at Iftar time and they can eat as much as they want to.

A 20 year old Sahan Asim says he will enjoys the discount deals and special offers offered by restaurants that stay open late into the night.

I will get an opportunity to enjoy it with my family and friends,” he added.

A restaurant worker said that most of the hotel and restaurants will become lively with customer after midnight as the trend is getting popular like wildfire, adding, last year people were seen to flocked in restaurant and hotel to enjoy the Ramadan deals.

A student Azhar Ali said the culture of Iftar parties arranging outdoor with the passage of time has increased all across the country as discount deals attracting toward customers.

Iftar should be healthier and tasty and designed in a particular manner that can match our budget, said a young girl who was planned to have get together with friends outdoor, adding, I am thinking to have an Iftar party in any restaurant who will offer a attractive deal for us.

I am very happy to see restaurants and online eateries are offering their bets deals in this month of Ramadan for iftar and sehri, said Aliya Shahid.

I am looking a place for the Iftar dinner function where I can easily celebrate my son’s Roza Kushai in an economical budget. I think restaurant buffet dinner package is quite better, said a mother Yasmin Javed.

Amazing online website which has the great information for the Ramadan that you can easily enjoy your Iftari in reasonable price with your family to go outside, said Sumera Ikram a 23 year old girl.

A online Fast food dealer said like every year, Many eateries are once again offering one of the most pocket friendly iftar deals for customers.