When nine-month-old Nashwa was given improper treatment at the Darul Sehat Hospital, which led to her paralysis and then death, we knew that the fight to get justice for her death would be a long and difficult one. Yet while we were aware of the legal challenges of fighting a medical malpractice case in the court, it was not anticipated that there would also arise more logistical problems stemming from the incompetence of the Police.

Once a culprit has been arrested, unless there is a legal order of bail, the plaintiff should be reasonably reassured that they will stay behind bars for the time being of the case. Yet, in perhaps the worst negligence by the Police, the accused in the Nashwa case, owner and chairperson of Darul Sehat Hospital, Amir Chishti, and vice-chairperson Syed Ali Farhan, escaped from court on Tuesday after their bail applications in the Nashwa death case were dismissed by an additional district and sessions court in Karachi. They easily escaped from the premises of the City Courts since the Investigating Officer (IO) of the case Sub-Inspector Mohammad Saleem Khan, who was also present in the court, did not make any attempt to take them into custody.

This was yet another botched job on part of the Sindh Police, which, it seems, has taken an oath against improving itself, no matter how much bad publicity it gets. Earlier the Police had been criticised for making grave errors in the First Information Report (FIR), a mistake which could cost the plaintiffs their case. Considering the string of negative attention that has been levelled on the Sindh Police, it is baffling why they would continue to be negligent in such a mainstream case. If this is the care that a public interest case gets, one can only imagine the justice that lower profile victims can expect from Sindh.