The Battle of Coral Sea


When one discusses the Second World War, There are multiple aspects to the said war, each with its own paradigm of strategy and stakes at play. One such theatre was around the Pacific. A time when Japanese were up against the Americans and the Australians.

The battle came into being when Japanese decided to march upon Tulagi, a port area near Solomon Islands. The mere rationale behind this move was to strengthen their position in the South Pacific. What came as a signal to the Americans, they dispatched their naval carriers including the in famous USS Lexington. The same carrier, which was smashed to the smithereens on eight May by a Japanese counter attack.

Although the offensive in question was a strategic, win for the Japanese, it was perhaps the first time when Japanese movement was checked by the allies. Japanese could not stand the allies in a grand scheme of things. They had to surrender in the war ultimately. Particularly due to their vulnerability in the South Pacific.