The rural areas of province Sindh face the utmost challenges on a daily basis. The impoverished communities, due to lack of access to basic amenities like water, health and hygiene, Education, food, shelter, water and sanitation, and Nutrition live miserable lives. Government and non-governmental or humanitarian organizations are striving to rectify the situation.

However, during my visit to the congested community of Ahmed Khan Birhmani UC Makhdoom Bilawal, I was amazed to see the huge impact in shape of small revolution for rural women empowerment in rural parts of Dadu District. On inquiry, I was told by a village woman who was a member of a UC based women organization that 7226 women organization in Dadu district from Muhalla to UC based have been formed by TRDP and poor of the poorest are identified through PSC. The organization itself has been well equipped with resources to pursue development.

TRDP model has a great impact in future for other parts of Sindh province as well. Many folks in societies do not have an idea but it has tried and tested model in the whole world, whereas peoples are unaware of the basic education, they do not know even the rights of human, also small medium enterprises. The rural areas have much less access to WASH facilities than their urban compatriots, and the public sector provides virtually no piped water or sanitation in rural areas.

Thardeep Rural Development Program – TRDP implement the SUCCESS project Underprivileged segments of society with the donor organization European Union EU, Improve water facility on an urgent basis. Installed a water hand pump, distribute solar plates, constructions CC Street pavement 800 feet, with 1400 feet of drainage line with the amount of 500,000. TRDP also cherish the community’s indigent with 20 thousand Income generating grant without recovery to reduce the scarcity. Additionally, stretch 20 thousand for a community investment fund to the needy community’s impecunious persons without interest as they can start a small business. TRDP did not just give them money; it gives them opportunities so that they can advance their lives also.

Sindh is about to unveil its agriculture policy for 2018-2030 and officials working on it that similar to Punjab, where TRDP has been actively engaged in agricultural development, Sindh also wants to seek greater international cooperation.

Many areas in the province are in the grip of droughts, while the use of tube wells, largely in northern Sindh, is also not sustainable as it alarmingly decreases water table levels in the soil.

Secondly, the non-availability of good quality seeds is a major problem. Besides, rural farmers, largely because of lack of awareness, use old and uncertified seeds for growing crops leading to approximately 40% germination failure. This inflicts massive losses on both individual farmers and the provincial economy.

In the second phase, TRDP implements the compassionate poverty alleviation plan of Technical Vocational Skills Training – TVST to empowerment community’s women. As part of the plan, many women are getting facility regarding skills.

Now it has thought that people should be elevated above cash payments and adapt to skills for a better lifestyle.


April 18.