ISLAMABAD                       -             After getting approval from its incumbent Chairman Amir Ali Ahmed, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started de-notifying illegal upgradation got by its officers in violations of rules and regulations.

The successive managements formed committees not to conclude the matter but to drag it further however it is the credit of incumbent chairman to take a bold step of not only concluding years old inquiry but taking action upon the recommendations. According to separate notifications issued for each employee, the officers who were upgraded to higher scales during 2007-2013 have been reversed to their original grades.

The orders were issued while following the findings made by a committee headed by the Member Planning and Engineering Dr. Shahid Mahmood, which examined all 86 cases of gazetted officers one by one and made its recommendations thereafter.

As per this report, a total of 48 officers were recommended to be de-notified while the rest of the case of civic authority’s officers were declared legitimate.   The Human Resource Directorate (HRD) de-notified 39 officers so far while the rest of the notifications are expected to be issued today. The officers who have been reverted back to their previous grades include Yasir Latif Gill and Riaz Khan from BPS-17 Assistant Director to Inspector, Faisal Imran from Admin Officer to Data Entry Operator, Muhammad Shafi from BPS-17 Dental Technologist to BPS-14 Dental Technician, Javed Masih from BPS-16 Operating Officer to BPS-14 Sub Assistant, Muhammad Iqbal from BPS-17 Assistant Director to BPS-16 Physical Training Officer, Tassaduq Hussain from BPS-16 Assistant Manager Gym to BPS-14 Sub Assistant, Ch. Zafar Mahmood from BPS-16 Senior Foreman to BPS-14 Foreman, Muhammad Ayub from BPS-17 Lift Superintendent to BPS-14 Sub Assistant, and Nazneen Gul from BPS-16 Executive Secretary to BPS-15 Senior Assistant.

Meanwhile, some other officers were also reverted back which include Atta Bari Irshad from BPS-16 Admin Officer to BPS-16 Stenographer, Kaman Ahmed from BPS-16 Assistant Security Officer to BPS-11 Security Supervisor, Tariq Mahmood from BPS-14 Foreman to BPS-11 Driver, Zulfiqar Ali from BPS-16 Assistant Physiotherapist to BPS-14 Physiotherapist Assistant, Kashif Bashir from BPS-14 Foreman to BPS-10 Assistant Supervisor, Sumera Basit from BPS-16 Operating Officer to BPS-14 Sub-Assistant, Ghulam Rasool from BPS-16 Coordinating Officer to BPS-14 Sub Assistant, Tanveer Ahmed from BPS-17 Data Controlling Officer to BPS-16 Data Entry Operator, Mohsin Zaheer from BPS-16 PR Officer to BPS-14 Sub Assistant, Haroon from BPS-16 Superintendent Audio to BPS-09 Audio Operator, Muhammad Razaq from BPS-17 to BPS-16 Graveyard Officer, Ibrar Hussain from BPS-17 ECG Technologist to BPS-16 Chief ECG Tech, and Irshad Ahmed Malano from BPS-16 Security Officer to BPS-11 Supervisor.   Muhammad Ishfaq, Rahmat Ullah, Chaudhry Muneer Ahmed and Naseem Mumtaz are reverted back from BPS-14 Foreman to BPS-11 Supervisor.                      

Rizwan Sarwar from BPS-17 Assistant Director to BPS-15 Assistant Fire Officer, Kusar Abbas from BPS-16 Store Incharge to BPS-09 Storeman, Taj Muhammad Niazi from BPS-17 Store Officer to BPS-16 Storekeeper, Zafar Iqbal from BPS-16 Senior Transport Officer to BPS-16 Foreman, Muhammad Shahzad from BPS-16 Sports Officer to BPS-11 Junior Assistant, Shahzad Malik from BPS-16 Store Officer to BPS-14 Sub Assistant.

Syed Hamid Ali Shah BPS-17 Assistant Physio to BPS-16 Assistant Physio, Naveed Hassan from BPS-16 Forensic Expert to BPS-15 Base Incharge, Ammad ud Din Muhammad from BPS-18 Deputy Director to BPS-17 Assistant Director, Khalid Hussain Abbasi from BPS-17 Assistant Director to BPS-16 Assistant Deputy Chief, and Zulfiqar Ali from BPS-16 to Incharge Fire, Audit and Prevention to BPS-15 Incharge Fire and Audit.