Freedom of speech is the right of every single human being in the universe. Everyone needs to be free and be able to express his or her sorrows, thoughts etc. But still, freedom of speech is lacking in our society and our country. Mostly, women are directly deprived to express what they want and wish to do in their lives, they cannot highlight what wrong is happening to them. Moreover, without expressing oneself, no one can know what is happening to someone. This shows that freedom of speech is not only a human right but also is needed for human survival. In short, I request the people who do not let women or other people to speak fearlessly to avoid doing this because they have the right to express themselves. Also, the government should reduce censorship and regulations that harm the freedom of expression of people. This would ensure that there is healthy discourse in society and the right of freedom of speech is not infringed. PARVEZ MOULA BAKSH, Karachi.