ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said on Thursday that Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz leader Khawaja Asif’s statement was a classic example of ‘speaking Persian with a full stomach’.

 Khwaja Asif had no feelings for the poor as otherwise he would not have given such a statement,  the minister said.  Shibli Faraz, in a statement, said the entire nation held the corrupt rulers of the past responsible for the country’s economic deterioration. Khawaja Asif should better persuade his leadership to bring the money and assets stashed abroad back to fix the national economy, he added.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken the stance from day one that the nation must be protected from both the coronavirus and the hunger. He was taking decisions in the larger interest of the nation and the country.

The minister said that protecting the nation from the pandemic was the government’s topmost priority and it announced the largest stimulus package of Rs 1.24 trillion in the country’s history, to support the vulnerable segments of society, including daily wagers and business community, and to boost the economy. He said that the implementation of the package was underway.

The minister asked the PML-N leadership to avoid ‘petty politics’ on the pretext of coronavirus. Khawaja Asif and his leaders were in fact confused as they had nothing do. The two Sharif brothers were in a lockdown. The one, who had returned to country, was now worried as to how he should go abroad, he added.