LAKKI MARWAT            -              Assistant Commissioner Nadir Shahzad Khan paid a visit to the fruits and vegetables market in Naurang town on Thursday to monitor the bid­ding and rate fixation process.

The visit was part of the district ad­ministration’s efforts to bring down the rates of edible items after reduc­tion of prices of oil commodities.

Nadir Shahzad visited the market early in the morning on the special in­structions of Deputy Commissioner Abdul Haseeb who has directed his ad­ministration officials to ensure provi­sion of maximum relief to people dur­ing the holy fasting month.

After completion of the bidding pro­cess, the assistant commissioner got fixed rates of vegetables and fruits un­der his supervision. He said that peo­ple would get daily use commodities on control rates in local markets.

He called upon vegetable and fruit sellers and other traders to implement official price list otherwise they would face legal action. The assistant com­missioner also got removed pushcart owners and roadside vendors from the main Bannu-DI Khan artery through traffic wardens.


The water crisis has deepened in the congested locality of Haqdadabad dur­ing the holy month of Ramazan as the only water supply scheme of the locality has been out of order since the last one week. Local residents told media on Thursday that the tubewell located in Shafqat Amin street had become faulty a week ago, causing acute shortage of water in the entire urban locality.

Local residents demanded of the dis­trict and municipal administration to direct relevant quarters for repairing the broken tube well without any fur­ther delay to resume water supply to Haqdadabad locality.