The government has decided to ease lockdown step-by-step. Of course, our dwindling economy cannot see shutters down for a longer period of time. Those who face the brunt of the situation are daily-wage workers with no earnings.

On the other hand, the curve of the pandemic is still rising. Medical experts are worried about the sharp increase of COVID-19 patients in big cities. So far, only AJK and Gilgit Baltistan have controlled the spread of the pandemic. We are venturing on the most difficult phase of the pandemic. With eased lockdown, the movement of people will increase manifold, definitively increasing the risk of infection. With the majority of people still unaware of the fatality of COVID-19, such a situation can be greatly harmful. To overcome this crises following SOPs is the best option.

Imran Khan’s example of Angelina Markel is a serious message for us if we want to protect our lives from the pandemic. Safe distancing, avoiding unnecessary movement, use of sanitizers and masks, health consciousness are the key factors to avoid the spread of this lethal pandemic. The strength of a nation is tested during hard times; we must

show strength, valour, courage and unity among our ranks to defeat this pandemic.