ISLAMABAD - In order to fulfill the commitment and promise  made with voters and workers of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, the incumbent government was going to intensify  process of accountability against the corrupt elements involved in plundering national money.  The voters and workers had great expectation from the Prime Minister Imran Khan, came into power after the general elections for ruling the country with heavy mandate of public, he stated while talking to a private news channel programme. The PM was determined to nab the culprits behind sugar, wheat and independent power producers (IPPs) scams, he added.  About the delay in inquiry of IPPs, he said a little delay was made due to virus pandemic and lockdown situation.To a question about the accident free rail service, he said ML-1 new track system for railways, was the only hope for this country.  He vowed that with the financial assistance of the foreign funding and Chinese help, the project would be accomplished in next five years.

Expressing his strong desire regarding completion of the task, he said Nullah Lai and ML-1, was the dream of his life, and that must be fulfilled before the next general elections.

To another question about resumption of rail service, he said a limited number of rail cars would be made operational in couple of days and for this, all the staff working at stations and the passengers would follow the standard operating procedure (SoPs) to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

Commenting on lifting lockdown in the country for providing relief to poor masses, he said the world had acknowledged the concept of smart lockdown and the leaders of many countries including Pakistan was moving towards that direction.

The minister said Pakistan was a poor country and that could not afford a complete shutter down. He said relaxation in lockdown period, would help labor community and daily wage workers in finding jobs and earn their livelihood for their children with honour.