As the pandemic has left most of us economically deprived, SMEs in Pakistan are also greatly affected being unprepared for such circumstances. According to SMEDA’s survey, “the impact of COVID-19 on SMEs”, 95% of SMEs reported that COVID-19 and lockdown have caused a reduction of their operations, 92% reported disruption in their supply chain and 23% revealed a 100% loss in their exports. In response to these crises, government and other private companies should formulate strategies to minimise the negative impact while supporting small businesses who contribute to 30% of the GDP and 25 % of manufactured goods exports in Pakistan. During this time, the government should help SMEs to take their business online to survive during this pandemic. However, this crisis will take at least two years or more for SMEs to settle down. Companies like Karandaaz should also support such small businesses financially to share their burden. It’s a tough time for small businesses, but with our support, we can make it easy for them. MUHAMMAD ALAMGIR KHAN, Islamabad.