RAHIM YAR KHAN/Bahawalpur                      -                 Presidential award winner, renowned folk singer from Cholistan, Krishan Lal Bheel passed away on Thursday in Rahim Yar Khan, at the age of 55.

As per the details, he was suffering of kidney disorders and was on dialysis for the last few months.

He was cherished for singing in his local language Marvai and for bringing out the true ethos of his land. He was always dressed up in his traditional costume (in golden waistcoat) and created an aura, peculiar of him,  through the various aspects of his performance.

His local language was Marwari, but he was also fluent in urdu, Hindi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Saraiki, Registani and Rajasthani. Folk singers expressed their deep grief and said that it was a very sad day for folk singing as we lost a pillar of folk singing in Pakistan. He represented a whole tradition of Bheel community of Hindu fraternity and had the credit for introducing many folk artists from south Punjab.

Krishna Lal Bheel was one of the artists who gained fame across the world for his relentless work and melodic style. Many audio albums of the late Krishna Lal Bheel have also been released and went popular among his fans. The late Krishna Lal Bheel started his artistic journey from Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur in 1987. He also did many programs on Pakistan Television. He represented Pakistan at international level through his art. He will always be remembered for his euphonic art and uniqueness.