LAHORE - Lahore is blessed with rich cultural and historical background against which name of the City echoes around the world. A happy blend of medieval, Mughal, and British era make for a good stock cultural and historical heritage of the city, a part of which is still preserved carefully while others are seeking attention of the authorities. Monuments of the Mughal era depict the great tenure of the emperors and their architectural taste which are not less than a feast for the eyes. Besides the buildings, history has given few other historical possessions to the City, which is still as fascinating for the people as they were decades ago and carries uniqueness in their own. However, due to negligence on the part of authorities in preserving the national heritage, another of such historical item is losing its value. Famous Zamzama Gun, commonly known as Kim's Gun, on The Mall (Sharah-e-Quaid-e-Azam) needs an immediate attention of the authorities. The gun is surrounded by department of Fine Arts, and University of Punjab on one side and National College of Arts (NCA) and Town Hall and Lahore Museum on the other with historical Tollington Market and Anarkali Bazar some hundreds yards ahead. Zamzama Gun has witnessed various phases of history, from the downfall of one emperor to the rise of another. The historically momentous gun, one of the largest ever made in the subcontinent at the relevant time, was prepared in 1757 during the reign of King Ahmed Shah Durrani. The gun has a date of manufacture, names of monarch and the technician along with verses in Persian with floral patterns all over the barrel. Made of copper and brass, this historical weapon is 43.8 meters in length with a bore at its aperture of 91.2 inches. The gun was used in the battle of Panipat in 1761. However, it is disappointing for many Lahorites to see such a wonderful possession of great emperors, located at the heart of the City is losing its natural attraction due to carelessness of the authorities concerned. At present, if we get a closer look at it, we see that lack of proper attention to preserve the historical value of the gun has faded its colour while the pool along the fountain located near it, primarily developed to add to the surrounding beauy, now tells another sorry tale of negligence. Interesting response was received when this scribe asked the NCA students regarding its significance and how they look at the present condition of the gun as well as steps needed to preserve this old-gold heritage; and students of fine arts, what bit they can share to protect it. Faisal khan, student of first year in NCA said that initially we used to get assignments on this masterpiece that history which not only a historic gift to us but also a great contribution to the beauty of the City. It is been looked after by the authorities time to time but over years we have not seen anyone taking care of it or polishing its wheel or maintaining the adjacent pool, which is quite alarming. He said at time NCA students used to take care of this monument but now they have also given up taking interest in this regard as the authorities are neglecting it. Another student, Najeeb-uz-Zaman, described this cannon as a symbol of victory and says, we should be proud of the fact that such like national assets with an immense historical value are located in the heart of our city. Najeeb also said that pigeons sitting around the Zamazama Gun convey the message of peace and harmony whereas the gun signifies violence. Two opposite things situated at the same place presents the great combination of two extreme ends. Students and general view reveals that we must retain and preserve this masterpiece of history for which attention of the authorities is required.