Another attempt is being made in Punjab to try to treat the poultry farming operation as an industry rather than treating it as a part of agriculture and livestock. This is wrong as the term 'industry denotes manufacturing and processing while poultry farming produces chicks and eggs that are primary products like corn and wheat. Mere application of scientific method and mechanization of poultry farming, like crop production, cannot make it an industry. The bullock was replaced by the tractor and the broody hen was replaced by a mammoth contraption called the incubator. Nothing else changed really. As such, only processing of the primary product could form an industry like the flourmills, milk plants and the egg-powder plants. The production of primary unprocessed products like eggs and chicks would never be called an industry by any stretch of imagination. Such futile exercises are best avoided. -DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, November 7.