CHILAS (Online) - PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that repeated subversion of Constitution, imposition of martial law, derailment of democracy and lack of rule of law are the reasons for backwardness of the country. Addressing a public meeting in the area of Chilas Saturday, Nawaz said, A person dissolves assembly, imposes martial law and executes a prime minister. Another exiles the prime minister, arrests the judges, sends them home and compromises on the national sovereignty. The whole nation is suffering because of such acts. Nawaz maintained that he did not remain in exile for 8 years willingly as he was forced to do so. But I did not bow before Pervez Musharraf. National interests remained the focal point of our 10-year-long struggle, he said, adding, We are still struggling for Pakistan and will not compromise on it, he asserted. He said his party had waged a successful struggle for restoration of judiciary. We are now struggling for the revival of constitution. People of Pakistan are eagerly looking for full restoration of the constitution and democratic system, he remarked. He said the country had become a laughing stock in the comity of nations when the judges were arrested as no society could flourish without justice. Talking about his achievements, Nawaz said, We built motorways and roads. We transformed the country into nuclear power by conducting tit for tat six nuclear tests. We did not commit any crime or sin. But the general who used to call himself commando by waving by punching in the air had fled the country, he remarked. He vowed to stand firm on the stance over the National Reconciliation Ordinance but he said the elected government should complete its tenure. Earlier, addressing a public meeting in Astore in connection with Gilgit-Baltistan elections, he said elections should be held in fair, free and transparent manner. He announced to double the quota of Gilgit and Baltistan in medical colleges in Punjab besides increasing the seats by 50 per cent in the agriculture university.