Perhaps, Pakistan has one more chance, surely the last, of surviving. Our memories are short yet we all must recall the time when doctors, engineers, teachers and other white-collar professionals of a particular sect were being targeted almost on a daily basis. No accurate figures are available but probably thousands were killed during that era. That was the time the entire nation should have stood up against the terrorist acts that caused that outrage. Sorry to say, we all chose to retract inside our shells and refused to be drawn in a battle that, we thought, was not ours. A minority sect was under fire so the majority thought it was safe. Chances are that most of the terrorists that did those killings are nowadays doing the suicide bombings that have ripped out the heart and soul of our cities. Nations learn from their mistakes to live and prosper and if we want to go down in history as ones that at least lived, this time we must rise against this menace. We must get behind the Pakistan Army wholeheartedly as they are the ones fighting for our survival. The Operation Rah-e-Nijaat is actually the Rah-e-Buqa of our people. If this fails, you might as well believe that our luck has run out. -SALMAN ZAMIN, Karachi, November 7.