Kashmiri masses and their leaders have demonstrated against Manmohan Singhs visit to the occupied Valley. They have also rejected any political concessions under the Indian constitution offered by the Indian Premier, and have pledged that no less relief than the occupied territorys complete freedom would be acceptable to them. Since 1947, the Indian Army has inflicted severe wounds upon the Kashmiri nation as tens of thousands of them have been brutally martyred. Countless women have been gang-raped and innumerable youths have been arbitrarily jailed or disappeared. Despite these brutalities and atrocities, India has totally failed to crush their demand for freedom according to UN resolutions. India blames Pakistan for worsening law and order situation in Kashmir. But the reality is that a peacefully negotiated settlement of the dispute in accordance with UN resolutions remains on top of Pakistans foreign policy agenda. To demonstrate her sincerity in finding a peaceful solution to this core issue, Pakistan has sought meaningful and substantive dialogue with India through out. Every time, though, these efforts have floundered in the face of Indias reluctance for a settlement. -RABEEL SHOUKAT, Lahore, November 7.