Looking at current situation in Pakistan, people are deprived of the basic governance. Asif Zardari does not set a foot outside his Presidential Palace nor has he visited the war-affected areas despite the fact that the country is at war. He has not announced any package for the unsung heroes who are laying their lives to safeguard our future. What to speak of anything else, he has not even visited the GHQ martyrs memorial where even foreign dignitaries pay a visit during their stay. Sugar scandals involving his ministers, electricity shortage and rental power scandals involving his ministers, and last but not least, the DynCorp scandal involving his ministers, scandals are what are doing the rounds everywhere. Working parallel to his federal government, a Punjab provincial administration is keeping a low profile even though it is working in alliance with the same PPP. It is not allowing even a penny to go by without accountability. Governance, it proves, is doable. -AMJAD MALIK, Rochdale, November 3.