THE pro-Indian stooge Farooq Abdullah has warned New Delhi not to dub Kashmiris as terrorists. Though it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, the statement is a slap in Indias face because it comes directly from somebody who has been its henchman. For long, Kashmiris have been the victims of atrocities committed by the loathsome Indian army. Their homeland has been turned into the worlds biggest concentration camp. But to cause them more worry, India has, in a cunning manner, bracketed the freedom struggle with terrorism. Kashmiris are demonised as a mass of violent people and presented as such before the world. What emboldened India were the events following 9/11 when US launched its crusade against the Muslim world. A convenient way of terming the freedom struggle as a terrorist movement was found. Now that someone within its own camp has washed its dirty linen in public, it should be clear to the world that Kashmiris are a peace-loving, friendly people who want liberation from the Indian yoke. Indeed if the international community looks at the dispute in its true perspective, it would find that it is New Delhi that has indulged in state terrorism in the valley. The martyrdom of thousands of our Kashmiri brethren should be proof of that. Admittedly, the treatment meted out to them for the past 60 years shows who is the real terrorist. India has little regard for the UN and has been brazenly defying its resolutions calling for a plebiscite to allow the Kashmiris their basic right to govern their fate. It is now time that a just solution, keeping in view the wishes of the people, was reached. Distortion of facts and ruling over the people through coercion has not served any useful purpose. Neither would it in the future. Indeed this has besmirched Indias image as a democracy. What is more, the conflict has now become a nuclear flashpoint with horrible consequences for the region and beyond. The bad blood between Pakistan and India over the years would continue without end unless the issue is resolved in line with the UN Security Council resolutions.