I would request the politicians to stop blaming Musharraf for their mistakes now. It has been more than two years since Musharraf is practically out of the decision making process, he is history now. These politicians had sufficient time to reverse all that Musharraf did. In fact, the government has made no new policies. Almost 99% of the time, the new 'democratically-elected government has been following the same policies, which Musharraf had introduced. Now either the government is following the wrong policies of Musharraf or Musharrafs policies were right. I would also ask the opposition to stop using Musharrafs name as a scapegoat. Ahsan Iqbal is on top of the list of the opposition politicians who do that regularly. He starts his speech with Musharraf and ends it with Musharraf. May I ask what he thinks of the PML-N, his party that is itself the creation of a dictator. I also wish to remind him of his close family relationship with General Zia ul Haq. I also request many other politicians to stop doing it. This will serve no purpose. I would say that politicians should work together to remove hardship of the masses. -ASIF PATHAN, Quetta, November 7.