Killings in October of 11 top commanders of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the strongest Iranian force in the realm has created panic among Iranian government circles who abruptly blamed Pakistan, UK and US for the massacre. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the backing of Jundallah by Islamabad seems out of question. The entire top brass of the country consists of adherents of the Shia sect sympathetic to Iran. They include the President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Ministers of Religious Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Education, Information et al. The Ministry of Defense is also full of Shia faithful and so is the Pakistan Army. On the other hand, since as far back as 1979, Irans mullah regime has itself been involved in heinous crimes including violations of human rights of their own citizens, export of sectarian terrorism and spread of anarchy in the region. There is no country in the region where Iranian involvement behind unrest has not been found. Iranian involvement of terrorism inside Pakistan is a well-known established fact. Iranian mullahs should be ready to cut the harvest of sectarian hatred they had sown themselves. They also have to face the current political movement against tyranny of the Fascist mullahs that is homegrown and natural. Violence begets violence. -EARTHMAN, Islamabad, November 7.