In his letter under the caption 'The root cause' (The Nation dated November 3) Mr Khurshid Anwar has mentioned the Sindh's objection to the building of Kalabagh Dam as 'that Punjab will take too much water from KBD and thereby reduce flow in the Indus". This is the voice of only one province. The objections raised by the leaders of the Khyber Pakhtunkhaw are not only alarming but also amount to making a fool of the whole nation which advocates the construction of this dam. They say that 'KBD will inundate the city of Nowshera and its surroundings'. The fears and apprehensions of both the provinces are more of a fallacy. The reasons are in fact political. As mentioned by me some time back, while discussing this subject with a former Chairman WAPDA I asked him, "Sir why don't you hold a discussion or a seminar on the subject, invite all the experts and political leaders and convince them that the construction of KBD will have no negative effects'. He replied that it had been done many times. All the political leaders agreed that the dam will not be disadvantageous to any province. Their joint slogan, however, was, 'This is our political stand which we are not prepared to change'. This clearly indicates that our political leaders care the least about the plight of the common man. To build consensus on the issue, a countrywide public referendum should be held. Even if the result of the referendum is positive, I am sure the dam will not be build during the present regime's tenure because the Rental power plants are more dear to them than the KBD. - RAFI NASIM, Lahore, November 5.