NOWSHERA VIRKAN – Jamaat-e-Islami leader Mushtaq Ahmed Jowia said that the government’s silence regarding anti-Islam activities of the Americans and the Jews was a matter of great concern.

He made these remarks while talking to journalists here on Wednesday. He said that stance of Pakistan People’s Party-led government seemed pro-American. He said that the Americans and Jews have been testing the Muslims for their love and devotion with Prophet (peace be upon him), for time and again and found no change in their stance.Criticising the US, he said they call themselves champions of human rights but in reality they act against it.

He said that they preach human rights, tolerance, peace, and respect for others, but in practice they violate these rights and values.

He said they are real enemies of humanity and are responsible for the unrest and terrorism in the world.  He also said that PPP government has lost its popularity due to unfair and corrupt governance.