Supreme Court of Pakistan had graciously registered a case of enforcement of fundamental rights under article 184(3) of Constitution pertaining to old pensioners vide case No. 43650-P/2011. Comments of AGPR were obtained and my views on the same were required by the Supreme Court which were submitted on 26-04-2012. Since then six months have passed but it appears the AGPR is adopting dilatory tactics in submitting their replies to the Supreme Court.  The case essentially contains application of Article-25(1) to old pensioners who have been denied incremental increase in the restored component of commuted pension at the age of 75 years equal to the non-commuted portion of pension. While some pensioners have been provided relief as a case in personam but the general application of same principle has been withheld from the rest of old pensioners. It is requested that the remaining old pensioners may be provided relief on the same basis that is doubling their pension 15 years after retirement at 60 years of age before they expire at the fag end of their life when they have little stamina or finances to pursue individual cases in the Court.


Lahore, November 7.