The comprehensive statement issued by the Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani is not only timely, but also serves as a reminder of the difficult times we live in. The military gets its strength from the public. Any efforts to create a schism between the public and the army or within the ranks of the army command structure should not be tolerated at any cost, as it will only weaken the state.

The army chief has very rightly asked two questions, whether we are promoting rule of law and whether we are strengthening or weakening institutions. We must work to strengthen the institutions, rather than weakening them. Any efforts to malign the institution for personal gains or due to vested interests are tantamount to underlining the security of Pakistan. Mistakes have been made, but the acts of some individuals should not be used to malign the institutions, of which, unfortunately, only few are left. It is about time we all worked together to take the country out of these difficult times. The only way to do so is through unity of thought and action. Let justice take its due course, but before somebody is convicted, he must remain an accused, which unfortunately is not the case in some high profile cases. Media has a very important role to play in this and should refrain from promoting any malicious propaganda against the institution of the armed forces on the behest of some disgruntled elements.

Brig (R) Akhtar Zamin,

Karachi, November 06.