RAWALPINDI  - Lack of water supply lines in Adiala Defence Road area have led the residents to face persistent potable water crunch.

Non-laying of water supply lines in this thickly populated area has left a question mark on the efficiency of civic departments particularly cantonment board and Potohar town.  Underground water is nowhere available in the area and all efforts to obtain water through boring exercise have met failure. Boring process is so costly that a man of average means cannot afford it and those who go after it return disappointed.

“We have to incur expenditure of Rs 400 to Rs 500 daily in purchasing potable water to meet our daily needs. Often the breakfast becomes a missing activity for our school going children due to our forced inability to prepare it for want of water, said a group of housewives. We are forced to drink brackish and polluted water of pond lying in the area and are becoming victim of our own fate we have kept mortgaged with the elected representatives who pay only visit but no heed towards addressing our long standing water problem, said Din Muhammad a school teacher.

Residents demanded immediate laying of water supply lines to alleviate their woes otherwise they will be constrained to hold protest demonstrations.

Meanwhile, the prolong water closure in area of Asghar Maal road is creating inconvenience and agitation amongst the residents of the area. The residents started to raise voices against prolong closure of water supply in the area and against negligence of WASA administration.

The residents said that water supply to the area is suspended for last five days. The residents of the area have demanded of the WASA administration to restore water supply in the area otherwise they would stage sit in this regard.