ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is set to make an agreement with Natoregarding supplies to Afghanistan via Pakistan.According to sources, the Ministry of Defence has sent draft of the agreement to the Law Ministry for approval. The agreement has similar terms and conditions as agreed with the United States. The agreement likely to finalise at the end of this month, after that Pakistan will be included in the list of the 49 countries, including the US, which had such agreement with Nato.According to the agreement, Natowill have the permission to use Pakistani routes for its supplies and can use them in 2013 when its forces will withdraw from Afghanistan. The agreement allows the United States and all Natomember countries to use Pakistani routes. However, shipments of arms and ammunition will not be allowed.The security of supply tankers will be the responsibility of Pakistan. The routes on both sides of Afghan border have been earmarked for the purpose. It has also been proposed in the draft that Pakistani laws will apply to the convoys as long as these will be in the territory of Pakistan, however, no duty or tax will be levied on supplies.