LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is organising its second High Performance Level-III coaching course upgrading the programme with the addition of the elite Pakistan Masters Level-IV course for the first time ever which commence simultaneously at the National Cricket Academy from November 11 to 16.

PCB spokesman said this on Wednesday and added the PCB’s only previous Level-III coaching course was held in June 2008 in collaboration with Cricket Australia and certification of 16 out of 18 participants took place after one year of practical field and theoretical assignments.

“For this year’s coaching courses, the PCB has acquired the services of a quartet of highly qualified Australian presenters who are Ross Turner, Alan Campbell, David Mann and Mrs Natasha Campbell. In all, 42 coaches with Level-II and Level-III certification will upgrade their standing through attending the next level programme, followed by rigorous theoretic and on-field examinations before certification,” he said.

He said the attendants of the two courses include a lot of reputed former Test and first class cricketers who have taken up coaching as an extension of their cricketing careers and are committed to improve their credentials.

“PCB chief Chaudhry Zaka Ashraf has approved this endeavor to educate and develop our own coaches to meet the constantly changing requirements of contemporary cricket under the auspices of PCB Game Education Programme,” he stated.

“The number of participants in the High Performance Level-III is 26, and this includes a lady and an overseas representation. For the Pakistan Masters Level-IV course, 16 Level-III qualified coaches who have by now the experience of number of years of coaching behind them are attending this course. The Level-IV course is completed in two phases, with six to ninth months separating the two, with the interregnum used to complete post-course field assignments,” he asserted.

The point to note is that there are only a few cricket boards even amongst the frontline cricketing nations with the capacity to hold Master Level-4 course.

“Both the courses will not only enhance the number of indigenous qualified coaches at the highest strata, meeting the ever-increasing national requirement for Pakistan’s various teams – senior, ‘A’ and age-group and women outfits – it will also cater to the requirements of the regional teams. Besides this capacity building of our coaches empowers them with the skill-set to be employable with foreign national teams and clubs,” he concluded.