My name is Ahmed Aslam and I have been Pakistan’s U-18 number one ranked tennis player previously. I have also represented Pakistan in the Davis Cup besides representing my nation the world over in various other tournaments. For the past one year, I have been giving coaching lessons. One day I came to know that International Tennis Federation was going to start a coaching camp in Pakistan. I registered my name with the Punjab Lawn Tennis Association (PLTA) as well as the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF), which is based in Islamabad well within the entry date, hoping that my name would figure in the list. But now to my utter shock, I have found that my name has been dropped. I have not been given any reason. It has been dropped for reasons best known to the authorities, but it generally very well known that two of its officials, Arif Qureshi of PTF and Muhammad Baksh of PLTA are known for promoting favourites. This is a great injustice and insult to my entire tennis career given how sincerely I have been representing my country. I request the PTF’s president to take strict notice of the injustice and see to it that my name is included in the list. I also call for investigations so that the culture of favouritism that some errant officials of these two organisations are promoting is rooted out.

Muhammad Ahmed Aslam.

Lahore, November 7.