It was totally ghastly to watch a television serial on a popular channel which twisted and displayed the role of men, women and religion as viewed by the producer, director or the writer, but I am sure that it did not help portray a positive picture of family life or religious values of the middle class that it depicted.

The entire play seemed to tarnish the very image of the place a woman has in society. The play implied that woman wearing ‘burqa’ were backward and ‘religious’ men are against the education of girls. The production not only has hurt the sentiments of thousands of people but also propagated an ill-conceived and distorted view of reality and women in Pakistan. I am sure there may be many instances when men have abused their rights over women, but to display them as the norm does seem to insult a certain section of our society. As the world has been globalised I hope that viewers all over the world do not misconceive Islam as a harsh religion. Let our TV plays be more prudent in what they air.


Karachi, November 3.