ISLAMABAD  - White meat sale is increasing in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, with the prevailing cold spell of the winter season.

Qasim Shah, a fish salesman at Abpara Market told APP that fish consumption multiplies in winter, which is evident from a dramatic surge in sales these days. He said during the current winter around 2-3 tonnes of fish is arriving every day at Ganjmandi, the main wholesale fish market in Rawalpindi that supplies fish to the twin cities.

He said people take the gastronomical delights of fish mostly in winter. Dining out, especially for dishes made with fish, is the common trend during this season. Fish in the hands of a skilled cook can become an inexhaustible source of gastronomical pleasures.

A restaurant owner at Blue area said the sale of fried fish has doubled with the advent of cold weather. He said people prefer to dine at restaurants because they could get well-cooked fish.

An average restaurant sells 60 kg fish in a normal day, while sale is raised to 400 kg a day in winter, he said.

Dr Aftab A Malik at Polyclinic said that fish is useful in preventing cardiac problems and paralysis but too much spices waste the advantages of this white meat. Fish is also useful for the blood pressure patients, he said, adding that Proteins and carbohydrates are excessively found in fish.

Several stalls alongside the roads are operating in different parts of the twin cities and some traders are even providing home delivery service to the people.       In addition to regular fish shops in the twin cities, mobile fish vendors oaming around on bicycles and hand pushed carts are a common sight these days, and usually they offer a good price margin.

A mobile vendor of fish said that prices shoot up also due to transportation being more costly and the breeding farms charging more.