We point out the flaws of the government every day without trying to change ourselves. Cleanliness is considered an important factor in judging a civilisation or society. This is one of the basic things that a person can try to change. It has become common practice to throw garbage in the streets and roads. Even with the availability of dustbins, we fail to avail them. Again, with already a shortage of public toilets, those that are present are unhygienic and dirty. People spit paan from running vehicles without considering the pedestrians walking on the road. This practice, not only affects the environment, but is also an eyesore. The people of Pakistan need to work together to bring about this change for their own health benefit and for environmental development. We should at least start by working to keep the area outside of our house clean. This is also what our Prophet (SAW) decreed that half of our religion is based on cleanliness.


Karachi, November 3.