Islamabad - To create awareness about the ill-effects of corruption among the youth of Pakistan, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to make collaborated efforts to root out corruption from the society.

For this purpose, a ceremony was held here at Higher Education Commission Office, H-9. Deputy Chairman NAB, Rear Admiral (Retd) Saeed Ahmed Sargana HI (M) and Chairman HEC Dr Mukhar Ahmad signed the MoU.

Addressing on the occasion, Sargana said that National Accountability Bureau had been entrusted a state function under section 33C of National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) 1999 to educate and advise public authorities, holders of public office and the  community at large on measures to combat corruption and corrupt practices and develop, arrange, supervise, participate in or conduct educational programmes or media campaigns to disseminate information on the detrimental effects of corruption and corrupt practices and the importance of maintaining the integrity of public administration.

The parents today lay more emphasis on grades and positions of their siblings but they have outright forgotten to give due emphasis to the character building, he said.

The National Accountability Bureau pins hope on future leadership specially students.

In this context, NAB took initiatives in 2012 and started forming character building societies at school, college, universities, union councils and district level.

A total of 19,193 character building societies have been formed across the country so far, he added.

He said that that NAB is legally mandated to eradicate and prevent corruption in the country; therefore, the organisation was determined to create a strong partnership with Higher Education Commission to create awareness amongst the youth about the ill-effects of corruption. The NAB and HEC will cooperate in preparation of curricula for graduate and postgraduate students on anti-corruption themes and arrange seminars, walks, conferences and workshops jointly under the mandate of awareness and prevention regime in major universities throughout the country. He said that NAB hoped that cooperation with HEC would go a long way in creating awareness against ill-effects of corruption.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman HEC Dr Mukhtar Ahmed welcomed the idea of joining hands with the NAB to create awareness amongst the youth and students of the universities of Pakistan.

He said HEC was working on preparation of a four credit-hours course on anti-corruption, ethics and civic responsibilities for undergraduate students.

Dr Mukhtar said that Higher Education Commission would organise seminars, conferences, walks and other social activities with a focus on anti-corruption themes.

The chairman HEC voluntarily offered HEC as a case study to NAB to identify systematic weaknesses prevailing in the institution.