a difference of opinion

S:     C’mon.

A:     No.

S:     C’mon! Just a sip. You know that you want to.

A:     No, I don’t. It is you who wants me to.

S:     Fine. It’s me. The ‘corrupter of morals’, the one who will lead you to hell. Can’t you relax? It’s really not that big a deal.

A:     Must you do this every two weeks? Is it not enough that I give you my excellent company while you swallow poison to feel better?

S:     Firstly, every three weeks. Not two. I’m the one who’s drunk, why are you exaggerating? Secondly, why are you so scared of having fun for a change? The world is a crazy, cruel and confusing place. We’ll all go mad if we didn’t learn to let loose. If it was really as bad as you think it is, half of the world would have collapsed by now. And to be honest, it just annoys me to see a perfectly intelligent person being so scared and scandalised by such ordinary things. Can’t you stop being a slave to your conservative upbringing and explore things for yourself before passing judgments?

A:     You think I don’t have fun? Just because I don’t go searching for it in a bottle? I don’t have to drink to learn whether it’s bad or good. I’ve seen you do it, it’s not a pretty sight. And what if I started pushing you to ‘experience’ things as you’re doing right now? What if I was forcing you to offer prayers right now? You’d scream ‘freedom of choice’, and run away. It’s just funny its acceptable for you to impose your views and practices on me and if I start to do it, it becomes a violation of your inalienable rights. What happened to ‘to each their own’?

S:     Alright, fine! I’m sorry. No cheers for you! Perhaps it’s for the best, anyway. I do need somebody to drive me home.