These days there is often talk of possible war between the two nuclear powers of India and Pakistan due to belligerent attitude of India. Such war mongers perhaps do not realize the implications of war between two nuclear powers of planet Earth. The horrible effects of nuclear war between India and Pakistan on the world is scarcely realized by people most of all by the rabid Modi head of Indian Government. These days any war between nuclear powers is attributed to the word “MAD” i.e. mutually assured destruction. But any theoretical war between India and Pakistan would not only endanger the peace of both countries but of the entire world. It would engender nuclear winter on the whole world thus destroying the life on the entire globe.

Mr. Obama should realize the above scenario before developing friendly relations between himself and a mad man called Modi who is a Frankenstein monster burning with a ghastly desire to destroy Muslims and the entire world in the bargain including India. This potential danger ought to be recognized by super powers of the world before it is too late when the entire globe is made bereft of life due to dark smoke of nuclear bombs engulfing the whole world to usher Armageddon or the last day.

Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti,

Lahore, November 6.