London: Imran Khan divorced his wife Reham via SMS, which she received upon landing at Birmingham airport after a long flight from Pakistan after furious rows over everything from his friends to her attempts to ban his dogs from the bedroom, British newspaper Daily Mail disclosed.

According to the newspaper, the marriage which was first reported to be an amicable parting, was anything but. The couple it is reported had "furious rows over everything” from Imran’s friends to her banning his dogs from the bedroom.

Reham it is said received the text message communicating divorce when she stepped off the airplane. The paper claims that she was given a confirmation by Imran Khan’s chief of staff.

Citing and unnamed source the paper claims, the divorce was an attempt to counter any fight-back from Reham, who was “shaken and clearly upset” upon receiving the news.

Although both sides insist they parted amicably in Pakistan, a source revealed that the end finally came when Imran texted his wife the word ‘talaq’ written three times. This was followed by a brief email.

This ending was, says the source, an attempt by Imran to counter any fight back from his strong-willed wife. ‘I don’t think she would have left the house if she had any inkling that it was on the cards.’

Shaken and clearly upset, she was met by senior officials of her husband’s political party and driven to London, where one of Imran’s closest confidants began negotiating a financial settlement to annul the brief marriage.

Millionaire businessman Zulfi Bukhari met Reham at a hotel near Knightsbridge for over three hours before the pair drove off in his gleaming Bentley. He has confirmed that ‘negotiations are still ongoing’.

Insiders say, the divorced mother of three immediately set about taking over Imran’s palatial hilltop house, the Bani Gala palace, telling friends it had been an ‘unruly and ill-disciplined household’.

Her first major change, it is alleged, was to throw Imran’s beloved pet dogs from his bedroom. ‘They were no longer allowed to sleep in their master’s inner sanctum or even be there during the daytime,’ another source said. ‘Imran was upset when she had them shifted to a room outside the house and refused to budge despite his pleas.

‘Then the house was re-arranged to suit the needs of Reham’s youngest daughter who lived there, as well as the elder daughter and son, who often visited. Members of Reham’s family pretty much came and went as they pleased. On the other hand, Imran Khan’s nephews and nieces were made to feel unwelcome.’

A family insider said: ‘Their home became a battleground because Reham was determined to control every aspect of Imran’s life.

‘She made his life a living hell. The wonder is that things dragged on for as long as they did. They argued over his habit of sharing his bedroom with his dogs, and her jealousy over his continued close relationship with Jemima Goldsmith, his ex-wife and the mother of his two sons.’

Imran’s sisters, having made it clear that they considered Reham an unsuitable wife, refused to visit for as long as she was there.

Reham, whom Imran hoped would be his presidential consort, also divided opinion on the public stage.

In Pakistan’s conservative society, where women are expected to be demure she made headlines for all the wrong reasons, not least for publicly raking over tawdry details of her first marriage to Dr Ijaz Rehman, the father of her children.

And her naked ambition for a leading role in politics was a serious concern. One party insider said: ‘It reached the stage where Imran was facing open revolt from his financial backers and party faithful.

He realised that the public obsession with what Reham was eating, cooking and wearing was deflecting from the political message. ‘She was becoming bigger news than him.’