How many the privileged elite of Pakistan have made the country proud? People who can be compared to the likes of German doctor Ruth Pfau, Geoffrey Langlands, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr Adeeb Rizvi etc? 

People like Ruth Pfau who are motivated by urge to serve leave their countries of birth, in spite of vast social and economic benefits, and chose to live and die in Pakistan. Our own Father of Nation, who was well living in UK between 1930 – 1935 as a successful practicing lawyer decided to leave UK to engage in political struggle. He was persuaded by Dr Allama Iqbal, one of most highly educated political personalities of subcontinent. Jinnah had at the time become a barrister from Lincoln’s Inn while Iqbal had earned his PHD from prestigious Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in 1908. Both of them however, came back. By 1930 Allama was convinced that destiny of Muslims lay in creation of a separate homeland. The political struggle and commitment of Quaid ultimately led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947. In the words of Stanley Wolpert “Few individuals alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Muhammad Ali Jinnah did all Three” 

Unfortunately the modern welfare state envisioned by Quaid based on concept of Medina Welfare State, was perverted by minions like Ayub Khan, Yahya and Zia and corrupt political breed such as NS, AZ, Chaudhries of Gujrat etc. What they nurtured haunts Jinnah’s dream of Pakistan. By robbing and plundering its assets, driving it to perpetual economic collapse these people have led Pakistan’s decay. Instead of serving Pakistan, this breed of paid and elected public office holders, both civil and uniformed, have reduced this nation to serve their insatiable greed. They are involved in transferring their ill-gotten wealth to foreign shores because for them Pakistan is just a financial transit stop which facilitates their growth from rags to riches. It is not worthy for their children or assets, because they fear accountability. Institutions like NAB who were created to punish corruption are busy generating revenues, serving as Laundromats, through plea bargain, while FBR serves to facilitate Tax Evasion. This is the cancer that afflicts Pakistan. 


Lahore, October 22.