It is not less than an adversity to live in a village like Kohi Goth Malir where the elected representatives have no sense of responsibility at all. Their irresponsibility and incompetence has caused the residents to suffer a lot. Rampant intoxication, poor sanitation and lack of quality education are some major problems that residents have been confronting for a very long time.  

Unemployment, on the other hand, is leading the youth to disappointment. Consequently, several other evils like robbery, street crimes drug addiction and so on become common. The young generation is believed to have a pivotal role in country’s progress and development which will only be possible if concerned authorities show some concern towards the sufferings of the people. Despite seeing the condition of people and their sufferings nothing has been done so for their amelioration. I request the government to pay heed to the miseries of the people residing in Kohi Goth before more young people get involved in illegal activities like drug addiction, street crimes and other things. 


Karachi, October 22.