ISLAMABAD   -  Accusations, allegations, exchange of harsh words between the government and the opposition over water dispute dominated the Wednesday’s National Assembly proceedings.

The lawmakers from PML-N and PTI while trading accusations on ‘water theft’ presented different suggestions including ‘formation of a parliamentary a committee to probe the issue’, ‘hanging the responsible people at D-Chowk’ and ‘holding a detailed discussion in the house on the issue’.

The chair has to expunge some non-parliamentary words and even adjourned the proceedings immediately, ostensibly to avoid unstoppable arguments from both sides. The heated debate between the two parties started from the reply of Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda over the non-provision of due share of water to Sindh province according to 1991 Water Accord.

The minister responding to the call-attention notice accused the previous government (PML-N) of stealing water from Sindh by shutting telemeters through verbal orders. “The previous government had not only looted the country’s asset but also involved in water theft,” Vawda said mentioning that he was aware about thieves involved in this matter. “We are ready to sit with provinces to resolve the matter in an amicable way,” said the minister blaming 58 percent less water than required was being supplied to Sindh because of closing water telemeters.

The minister said that there was no need to form a parliamentary committee as he would present record in the house. “Come what may, now there will be no compromise on theft,” he said.

Former prime minister and PML-N senior leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, responding to the minister, asked the chair to form a special house committee or send this matter to concerned standing committee. “There is a need to use parliamentary words in the house,” said Abbasi asking the chair to issue ruling on this matter.

Abbasi also warned the minister to avoid using word thief as he would give response in the same manner. “If word thief was used again, he would call him and his father the same,” he warned.

Minister of Defence Pervaiz Khattak, in an attempt to cool down the situation, was seen hurriedly whispering to the Minister for Water Resources Faisal Wada to avoid locking horns. The Minister for Water Resources avoided using personal attacks in same tone but continued to blame the previous government of water theft.

PML-N’s senior lawmaker Rana Sanaullah also jumped into the fray and warned the treasury members to avoid indulging in the blame game. “Reference of the Jewish lobby and other concerned matter would be quoted if the government side continued to use non-parliamentary words,” he said. The government should give proofs on accusations, including ‘Metro corruption case’ and offer of Rs10 billion to hush up the Panama case.

“Leader of opposition Shehbaz Sharif has been nabbed only over accusations but many of politicians including Pervaiz Khattak are not nabbed despite their cases in NAB,” he said, terming it discrimination with PML-N.

The real PTI members, he said, were not in this parliament as most of the lawmakers of PTI were introduced by Jahangir Tareen. “Jahangir Tareen used to transport different persons through his aircraft to join the party and later they become PTI’s lawmakers,” he claimed.

Minister for Communications Murad Saeed taking part in the heated debate said that that if there was rigging in the election proofs should be provided. He added that everyone knew who had engaged in rigging in the previous elections. He proposed to hang the persons involved in corruption at D-Chowk.

In the Panama corruption case, Saeed said, the members of Sharif family had blamed each other. He also mentioned the Model Town incident and other matters.

Earlier, Aliya Kamran from opposition benches demanded to increase the security of religio-political leaders of the county. “The government should increase security of Mulana Fazlur Rahman,” she demanded.

PPP-P’s Abdul Qadir Patail asked the chair not to include his name in the resolution passed about JUI-S chief Maulana Samiul Haq. “I would not go in detail but it should not be mentioned in the record that it was approved unanimously,” he said.

Maulana Abdul Wasay, on point of order, said that JUI-S chief Maulana Samiul Haq has many sacrifices for the democracy.


‘Water theft’ triggers war of words in NA