KARACHI (PR) - ACCA Pakistan and British Deputy High Commission held a conversation in Karachi on the ‘Ease of doing business in Pakistan’ and ‘Global Competitiveness Index’. These indices rank countries against each other based on how the regulatory environment is conducive to business operations.

ACCA hosted this discussion in line with its commitment to deliver value for the economies where it operates and the pledge of ACCA members in Pakistan to drive GDP growth by 7% as well as improving the ranking of Pakistan to top 50 for ‘ease of doing business’ and ‘global competitiveness index’ for the next 5 years; ACCA and ACCA members continue to contribute and collaborate with thought leaders to focus on high impact actions as a key priority.

Elin Burns, British Deputy High Commissioner and Director for Trade for Pakistan, in her address said, “It is great to see the government on a federal and provincial level making progress on creating ease of doing business and mobilising domestic and foreign investment. These reforms, bringing Pakistan 11 places up in the World Bank’s latest report are important for Pakistan’s economic prosperity and improving the overall business climate. ACCA’s commitment to this agenda is commendable and we hope to see more organisations taking a lead role on this front.”