ISLAMABAD - Army maintained their supremacy in the 13th Korean Ambassador National Taekwondo Championship, as they won 15 gold and one bronze on the fourth day of the championship being played here at Liaqat Gymnasium.

On Wednesday, in senior Poomsae competitions, Army grabbed first position with 15 gold, one bronze medal and total 231 points while Wapda finished second with 5 silver, 8 bronze medals and 90 points and HEC third with 4 silver, 6 bronze medals and total 72 points.

In U-17 Khyrougi/Poomsae competitions, Waziristan Azmaray TKD Academy clinched first position with 3 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze medals and 107 points, Balezone TKD Academy was second with 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals and 66 points while Air Force TKD Club third with one silver, 3 bronze medals and 58 points.

In U-14 Khyrougi/Poomsae competitions, Air Force TKD Club was on top with 2 gold, 2 silver and 70 points, Waziristan Azmaray TKD Academy was second with 2 silver, 2 bronze and 70 points and Khubaib TKD Academy third with 3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze and 65 points.

In U-10 Khyrougi/Poomsae competitions, Khubaib TKD Academy (A) lifted position 11 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze with 221 points, Khubaib TKD Academy (B) second with 2 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze with 82 points, Sindh TKD Association third with 1 gold, silver, 2 bronze medals with 58 points.

In male/female U-10 Khyrogi/Poomsae U-15kg, Mubashir of KTA won gold, Abdul Majeed of Muslim KTO silver and Daniyal of TKo bronze, in U-20kg, Musawar won gold, Ali Hassan silver and Konain bronze, in U-25kg, M Saqlain won gold, Ahmad Jan silver and Sajjad bronze, in u-30kg, Abdullah won gold, Mujeeb Ur Rehman silver and Inam Ullah bronze, in U-35kg, Rafaqat Hussian won gold, M Hadier silver and M Saad bronze, in U-40kg, Abrar won gold, M Sameer silver and Nabi bronze, in 45kg, Saad won gold, Ahsan silver and Amaan bronze, in U-50kg, Atif won gold, Hamza silver and Imran Khan bronze.

In female event U-15kg, Iqra won gold, Samra silver and Areej bronze, in U-20kg, Fiza won gold, Asia silver and Noor Fatima bronze, in U-25kg, Ayesha won gold, Amna silver and Minhal bronze, in U-30kg, Raeesa won gold, Anoushey silver and Sadia bronze, in U-35kg, Sonia won gold, Marhaba silver and Aqsa bronze, in U-40kg, Aqsa won gold, Ushna silver and Iraj Fatima bronze, in U-45kg, Munsiha won gold, Farheen silver and Iqra bronze, in U-50kg, Maham won gold, Abdar silver and Fatima bronze. In team creative Poomsae, Junaid, Ali Hassan, Hassam, Musawar and Haseeb won gold, Kaif, Irteza, Azam, Abdullah and Rohan silver and Ribal, Rohan, Oshan, Azam and Azaaman bronze.

In U-14 Khyrogi/Poomsae category in u-37kg, Shumail Kahn won gold, Allah Wadhaya silver and Ghulam Murtaza bronze, in u-45kg, Nihal won gold, Ali Amman silver and Haseeb bronze, in U-53kg, Ghulam Hussian won gold, Sher Ali silver and Umar Abbas bronze, in U-61kg, Abu Hurera won gold, Ghulam Hussina silver and Mehmood Khan bronze, in over 61kg, Danish won gold, Arif Ullah silver and Irfan bronze.

In female U-14 Khyrogi/Poomsae in U-33kg, Jawaria won gold, Rawiya silver and Nuzra bronze, in U-41kg, Ujala won gold, Abeer Noor silver and Mahnoor bronze, in U-47kg, Fatima Tu Zehra won gold, Kashaf silver and Mehreen bronze, in U-55kg, Safina won gold, Rukhsar silver and Mahrukh bronze, in over 55kg, Maliha won gold, Arsala silver and Hira bronze.

In male Poomsae team creative, Qadeer, Rauf, Faheem, Usmana and Saheer won gold, Danish, Jasim, Nazar Abbas, Shahzad and Abdullah silver and Fatima, Amna, Anousha, Tayyab and Fahad bronze. In Khyrogi/Poomsai u-17 male event, in U-48kg, Hassan Ali won gold, Zeeshan silver and Usama bronze, in U-55kg, Muttayab won gold, Qasim silver and Shehzad bronze, in U-63kg, Saood Mir won gold, Abdul Malik silver and Javed Khan bronze, in U-73kg, Zubair won gold, Abdullah silver and Hazrat Ullah bronze, in over 73kg, Taimoor won gold, Farman Ul Shah silver and Jahanzeb bronze.

In female U-17 Khyrogi, in U-44kg, Tehreem won gold, Shanzy silver and Areesha bronze, in U-49kg, Amina won gold, Laiba silver and Mehwish bronze, in U-55kg, Anoosha won gold, Hajra silver and Hansa bronze, in U-63kg, Alishba won gold, Sania silver and Manahil bronze, in over 63kg, Areeba won gold, Anoosha silver and Laiba beonze. In team creative Poomsae, Shumael, Noman, Rafaqat, Sohail and Muzammil won gold, Ahsan, Arham, Mahnoor, Mahwish and KAshaf silver and Ahetesham, Ghulam Hussian, Ahmed, Nihala and Tauseef bronze.

MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz, Ahmed Fadel Yalduh of Egypt, Ring of Pakistan President Syed Asim Shah, Pakistan Professional League CEO Umer Toor and others graced the occasion and witnessed some grueling encounters.