Rawalpindi -  The Education Wing of City Traffic Police (CTP) have launched a campaign to create awareness among motorcyclists about the use of helmets for motorcyclists and their passengers, advantages of side view mirrors and disadvantages of juvenile driving, informed a spokesman on Wednesday.

The instructors of education wing also urged the motorcyclists to not ply bikes on roads without driving licenses, he said.

 He added that the awareness campaign was launched by CTP on directions of Deputy Inspector General of Traffic Police.

He further said the instructors of Education Wing have also briefed the motorcyclists about the advantages of the use of helmets by riders while travelling on roads.

“We can be saved from fatal head injuries in case of road mishap if we wear helmets,” the instructors told the motorcyclists.

Meanwhile, Chief Traffic Officer (CTP) Muhammad Bin Ashraf said a special enforcement campaign against various violations, especially focussing on compulsory use of helmets, has been launched across the city.

He said fine tickets would be issued to the motorcyclists by the traffic police on account of not using helmets.”Mobile Education Unit has been arranging special briefings on road safety and public places,” he said. In order to make the campaign more effective and meaningful, traffic wardens have been issuing special instructions and the education wing of traffic police is making efforts to spread awareness in this connection so that the road journey for motorcyclists could be made more safe and sound. He said all the traffic issues could be resolved by observing traffic rules which were for safety and protection of the road users.