KASHMORE - Like other parts of the country, Hindu festival known as Diwali was celebrated with enthusiasm and religious fervor in Kahsmore on Wednesday.

Various programmes, events and celebrations were held in different parts of city to mark the festival.

People offered prayers in their temples and houses to mark the day. It was also observed that mostly temples, homes and other Hindu religious places were decorated with colorful lights, lamps and candles.

However, children burst firecrackers in their respective areas of city throughout the day. Mostly houses were drawn with rangolis with different shapes and colours to welcome the guests, relatives and beloved ones.

People of Hindu community Gokal Fakeer, Harish Kumar, Jagdesh and expressed their joys and said that Diwali or Deepwali is the one of the most auspicious and significant Hindu festival, a five day festival to honour the triumph of good over evil.

They said that on the day they leave open the all windows and doors to let the goddess in, while, homes are cleaned and also illuminated from top to bottom. They distribute sweets, food as well as gifts among the relatives, neighbours and guests.

Meanwhile, there was huge rush witnessed at stalls of candles, firecrackers, sweet and other gift centres which were temporary setup by Hindu community. It was also observed that the tight security measures were made by Kashmore police whereas more police contingent were deployed around the temples and other religious places of Kashmore to thwart any untoward situation during Diwali festival.