MUZAFFARGARH-Hundreds of metric tonnes of wheat have been wasted due to the alleged negligence of the authorities concerned, it has been learnt.

The wheat had been stored for four years, and it became harmful for health due to repeated fumigation. The authorities failed to market it in international market to earn money for national treasury. Further, they could not use it to give any food relief to the gasping poor due to increasing inflation.

The wheat purchase during season was also remained a political stunt to favour the capitalist not the grower. In addition, it was purchased by borrowing on high interest from the banks to subsidise the price and now the Food Department has to pay millions of rupees as interest.

District Food Controller Mumtaz Vaince has admitted this fact, but explained that 1.4 million sacks of wheat were stored in district godown and the news for four years was wrong and baseless.

If the statement of the district controller is right the estimated price of this wasted wheat is four and a half billion rupees in international market. The silence of the authorities at this huge loss due to negligence and mismanagement is a question mark at their performance.